For the Classroom

  • Engage in constructive and positive dialogue with teachers, parents, and staff to ensure the best system of education for our children.
  • Foster learning, growth, creativity, and innovation in the classroom through professional development and effective student supports.
  • Stand up for public education by fighting against further provincial cuts and underfunding to ensure that education funding is stable and sustainable into the future.
  • Prioritize funding for math, science and arts education, including expanded enrichment and after school programming options.
  • Create more early childhood education opportunities by continuing and expanding full day kindergarten and nursery programs.
  • Expand nutrition and breakfast programs to help address the hunger problem in our schools.
  • Ensure the division is keeping pace with developing technologies in and for the classroom.


For the Neighbourhood:

  • Focus on community engagement to build stronger connections between the school board, schools, and the local community.
  • Support working families by creating before and after school programming and supports.
  • Improve community engagement with newcomer families to encourage participation on parent councils, school committees, and school events.
  • Bring our diverse student population and distinct neighbourhoods together by expanding division wide sports and arts enrichment programs.
  • Create additional green spaces, improve playgrounds, and continue to invest in green infrastructure by renovating our aging schools and making them more energy efficient.
  • Expand the “Walking School Bus” program to get students out of cars, reduce congestion and enhance safety issues around schools.

For the Ratepayer:

  • Invest in an exceptional education system for our children while respecting every tax dollar spent.
  • Improve accountability and transparency by ensuring School Board decision-making processes are visible, accessible, accountable, and open to participation.
  • Advocate for fairness in school taxes by lobbying for funding changes that reduce the reliance on property taxation.